B. B. King “ON THE ROAD WITH B. B. KING” MCAH – 11298 Interactive CD-ROM


If you ever wondered what a trip down memory lane with B.B. King would be like, just get this interactive autobiography and hang on to your seat.
You are invited to climb aboard B.B.’s tour bus, Big Red, and take the wheel, visiting many of the sites that B.B. considers to be the most important places of his life. What you get is a musical road trip through seven decades, across thousands of miles and into cyber-space. You will be entertained and informed about enough details of B.B.’s life and music to keep you interacting with this disc again and again.B.B. King is your guide through these 3- D journeys from Indianola, Mississippi, to Beale St., in Memphis on to B.B. King’s Club in L.A. with several stops along the way. There is also an airplane fly-over so you can visit the different sites at random, with B.B. telling stories the whole trip.One of the best aspects of this CD- ROM is the virtual Lucille that allows you to point the mouse to any spot on the neck and click to hear a different lick on the guitar. Also there are over forty song clips and a hundred or so rare clips of B.B. and his friends, like Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis , Louis Jordan and U 2, in concert. You also get the definitive B.B. King discography, interviews with musicians about how B.B. has influenced them, a museum dedicated to Lucille, a trophy room in the second floor of the club, and you can click on anything to learn about it.

With system requirements of Windows 3.1 in 486 PC’s with 33 MHz and 8 MB of RAM, 2 MB available for Quicktime installation, 16 bit color and a 2x CD ROM, this CD- ROM will work on all Macintosh computers with system 7.01 or higher, as well.

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