Kenny Brown – Goin’ Back To Mississippi – Plum Tone PT 711


This Nesbit, Mississippi native has several influences that really come through on this release. From The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Joe Ely to his collaborations with such great talents as R.L. Burnside, Joe Callicot, Junior Kimbrough and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Kenny still manages to have his own unique spin on it, to put it mildly. Actually, this release is a shining example of just how versatile Kenny and his band are at taking you to several places musically that you may have forgotten existed.
This CD represents a very important trend that needs to grow within the blues community. That is the involvement of the listener by time-tested methods mixed with personal conviction and powerful control over the material, the arrangements and the instrumentation. Kenny has managed to do all this and more by composing a few songs, using some alternate tunings, slide work, and getting a wide variety of sounds that will all fit right in your pocket.

Kenny also creatively used some excellent cover material such as “Jumper On The Line” arranged by R.L. Burnside, “Talk About Me” by Jessie Mae Hemphill, “Grease Monkey” by Dale Beavers, and the wonderful co-written “In The Mood” by Junior Kimbrough and Kenny.

With Dale Beavers on guitar and vocals, John Bonds on drums and Terrence Bishop on bass, Kenny leads the tight-knit combo through this musical tour-de-force on guitar and vocals as well. Recorded at Hawk’s Nest in North Little Rock in the fall of `96 and engineered by Jeffery Reed, this CD is a classic in so many ways that it will bear repeated listening and deserves to be in any music lover’s collection!

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