Robben Ford & The Blue Line – THE AUTHORIZED BOOTLEG – Bluethumb 7013


This rare, live acoustic 4-piece performance of Robben and the band is so blusey, it has quickly become my favorite acoustic jazzy blues disk. More than that, it makes me want to practice my guitar. That is a sign that should be read as “If you love improvisational music that is 12 bar blues and yet swings like crazy, this is just what the Dr. ordered.” This CD will remind you just how many styles of blues there are that can be performed by an acoustic quartet of fantastic session players.
Robben also sings lead and Roscoe Beck is the bassist and he, combined with Tom Brechtlein on drums and Bill Boublitz on baby grand cover “Lovin’ Cup” by Paul Butterfield, and a slow, mellow version of “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” that add subtlety and warmth to an already very cozy atmosphere.

Recorded at Yoshi’s in Oakland, CA on December 5, 1995 and just released in 1998, this disc, as the title implies, is an attempt by Mr. Ford to “Beat the Bootleggers” to paraphrase Frank Zappa. It is also stated as such in the liner notes. Either way, buy this or suffer the consequences of missing out on one of the best CDs to come out in decades!

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