Son House – DELTA BLUES AND SPIRITUALS – Capitol 31830


This live recording from 1970 has been reissued a lot lately on small labels, but It is widely available now and it can be added to the legendary Columbia recordings. Son did not quit recording or playing after those 1965 sessions. He played the festival circuit for a while and made a few appearances on a few small labels.
Son really didn’t have much material released from this era however making this release all that much more enjoyable. Son House speaks on two cuts and his voice is the sound of the Delta personified. “Between Midnight And Day”, “I Want To Go Home On The Morning Train”, “This Light Of Mine” and “How To Treat A Man” are songs that as far as I know, make their first appearance on disc. We also get to hear some excellent gospel done accapella on this CD as well, like “Grinnin’In Your Face”, the soul-stirring “John The Revelator”, and on some of the tracks Al Wilson of Canned Heat plays harp. This one touched me deeply and I highly recommend it.
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