Jeff Healey – Songs From The Road

Jeff HealeySongs From The Road
Songs From The Road
© 2009 Ruf Records RUF1154

When Jeff Healey passed away in March of 2008, the world lost a magnificent talent! Fortunately, with this live release, we have some more great music from this master which we can enjoy forever.

I have been a fan of Jeff Healey since he covered John Hiatt’s “Angel Eyes” and will always be. This album only cements my feelings about the man’s talent. Actually, this may be my favorite release for as you all should know by now, live music is my favorite way to hear the vast majority of all the great songs ever written. The only exceptions are the examples of music which have been heavily post-produced and tweaked to perfection in the studio. Even then, if the artists are capable of keeping my interest in a live format, I prefer the live version.

This release has eleven of the best songs from the mass conciousness which could have been chosen by bassist and long-time engineer Alec Fraser and Healy and his band present them is a wonderful way, guaranteed to please any discriminating blues lover.  With cover versions of great songs everything  from Cream, The Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Willie Dixon, CSN&Y, to Mark Knopfler, there is sure to be at least one favorite here for you.  While there are many things here that you probably expect, there are many more to surprise you and to make many new fans. These tracks come from London and Toronto in 2007 and Norway 2006.

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